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Dental Bridges and Crowns in Brampton

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Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges are used to replace missing teeth Bridges are dental appliances that attach to remaining natural teeth or dental implants and are used to replace missing teeth. A false tooth can be suspended between two natural teeth or two dental implants.

Natural teeth that are adjacent to spaces often need to be reduced to accept bridges. This is unfortunate if the natural teeth are not heavily damaged. Teeth prepared for bridges tend to have more problems than unprepared teeth. They tend to be more susceptible to decay, some will develop root canal problems and some will break as a result of increased biting loads. Also the durability of a bridge depends on the health and strength of the two or more teeth that hold it in place. When the teeth that hold a bridge are weak, this has a negative affect on the durability of the treatment.

Before dental implants some bridges were needed to replace multiple missing teeth where two teeth were called up to hold 3 or more false teeth. This treatment often lead to premature failure of remaining teeth and added to the already unstable dental condition. When long span bridges fail, dentures were usually the only option. Today dental implants are used to replace the need for bridges and reduce the size of bridges. This results in a much more stable dentition.Our Brampton Dentists believe that you should always consider dental implants when teeth are lost or about to be lost.

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