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Dentures and Denture Repairs in Brampton

Dentures in Brampton - Dr. Emil Svoboda - Brampton Dentist

Dentures are prosthetic (artificial) teeth that are fabricated out of acrylic to custom fit your mouth. They can be designed to replace a single tooth or several missing teeth in one or both arches. They are natural looking and are made using quality, durable materials. What is unique about dentures is that they are removable from the mouth. This feature may benefit some patients as it allows effective cleaning of the dentures and the ridges and teeth that support them, leaving your mouth fresh and clean.

Some patients wear dentures comfortably and effectively throughout their life – renewing them as they wear. Other patients wear dentures as an interim, cost effective therapy prior to proceeding with more comprehensive treatment such as dental implants or crowns and bridges.

At Park Place Dental Centre, we even have our own dental laboratory right on site. This results in a faster, customized, precisely communicated, convenient experience for you. If you are missing one or more teeth, it is important to restore these areas of your mouth to prevent remaining teeth from tipping, drifting or over-erupting. You need your teeth to chew food effectively for healthy digestion, to speak clearly, to support your airway, to smile with friends and family, to maintain a youthful appearance and to feel good.

Contact our Brampton dentists at Park Place Dental Centre today to discuss your options for replacing missing teeth with dentures.

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