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Past eNewsletter Issues

March 2022 - Dental Bonding: An Easy Way to a Better Smile
December 2021 - Were you Naughty or Nice to Your Teeth This Year?
September 2021 - Making Oral Hygiene Fun
June 2021 - The "Ice Cream Toothache": How to Deal with Sensitivity to Cold Food and Drinks"
March 2021 - Event: "Love Your Smile, Love Yourself"
December 2020 - What to Do During a Dental Emergency
August 2020 - Back to School During a Pandemic
July 2020 - Staying Healthy at Home During a Pandemic
June 2020 - We Are Committed to Everyone's Safety
May 2020 - Home Remedies for Dental Emergencies
April 2020 - COVID-19 Update & Tips for Tackling Quarantine
January 2020 - Alcohol and Your Oral Health
December 2019 - Tips for Maintaining Your Smile during the Festive Season
November 2019 - Get a Confident Smile with Dental Bonding
July 2019 - Effects of Cigarettes and Vaping
June 2019 - Professional Teeth Whitening
May 2019 - The Importance of Sportsguards
April 2019 - Why Oral Hygiene Appointments are Important
March 2019 - Cosmetic Dentistry: Reasons to Smile
February 2019 - Your Dentist's Top 10 List
January 2019 - Benefits of Invisalign
December 2018 - Benefits of Digital Dentistry
November 2018 - Cannabis and Your Oral Health
Semptember 2018 - Are You Struggling with Sensitive Teeth?
May 2018 - Mental Health and Dental Health
April 2018 - Effects of Oral Piercings on Your Oral Health
March 2018 - The Importance of Smiling!
February 2018 - Is Nitrous Sedation Right for You?
January 2018 - Smoking and Oral Health
December 2017 - How to Make Your Smile a Perfect 10
November 2017 - Are You At Risk For Gum Disease?
October 2017 - Halloween Tips For Healthy Teeth?
September 2017 - Are You Missing Teeth?
August 2017 - Fluoride: Here's what you should know
June 2017 - What You Don't Know About E-Cigarettes
April 2017 - Meet Dr. Alexia Bowleg
March 2017 - Help Us Improve By Taking a Short Survey!
February 2017 - Give us a Review for a Chance to Win!
November 2016 - Mind the Gap!
June 2016 - Dr. Mary-Anne is a Mom!
May 2016 - Why Have Your Teeth Cleaned?
April 2016 - Do You Know the Oral Cancer Warning Signs?
March 2016 - Tell Us What You Think for a Chance to Win
February 2016 - Is There Something Missing in Your Smile?
January 2016 - Top 5 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Smile this Year!
December 2015 - A Brighter Smile Could Be Yours this Holiday Season
November 2015 - Could You be Making these Brushing Mistakes?
October 2015 - Halloween Tips for Kids and Kids-at-Heart!
September 2015 - We Have a New Look!
August 2015 - Join Us for Our Summer BBQ This Weekend!
July 2015 - Gear Up for Summer with these Tips!
June 2015 - Congratulations, Dr. Mary Anne!
May 2015 - Great Summer Tips and the Winner of Our Mother's Day Selfie Contest Announced!
April 2015 - Tips for Spring and our Mother's Day Selfie Contest!
March 2015 - Don't Miss Our Free Upcoming Seminar! Plus, Take Our Survey for the Chance to Win!
February 2015 - Let Us Know What You Think and You Could Win! Plus, Enter PPJ's #LoveYourSmile Contest!
January 2015 - New Year, New Smile! Plus - the winner of our elf on a shelf contest announced!
December 2014 - Give Yourself the Gift of a Perfect Smile this Holiday Season
November 2014 - Give the Gift of a Healthy Smile - Plus Name Our Elf on a Shelf for a Chance to Win!
October 2014 - Halloween Tips for Kids and Kids at Heart!
September 2014 - Back to School Dental Tips!
August 2014 - Is Your Smile Missing Something?
July 2014 - Join Us For Our Bouncy Castle Day This Saturday!
May 2014 - Breaking News - Toronto Implant Continuum Program
April 2014 - Top 7 Reasons to Have Your Teeth Cleaned!
March 2014 - There's Still Time to Let Us Know What You Think!
February 2014 - Help Us Improve: Complete Our Patient Satisfaction Survey!
January 2014 - Are You Brushing After Lunch?
December 2013 - How Would You Rate Your Smile?
November 2013 - ParkPlace Dental Centre Voted Readers’ Choice for 2013
October 2013 - Insurance Benefits Expiring Soon!
September 2013 - New Cost Management Plan!
August 2013 - Is Your Smile in Shape?
July 2013 - Change Your Brush!
June 2013 - Celebrating the marriage of Dr. Kristina Lepholtz & Jud Whiteside
May 2013 - Dentistry for Moms-To-Be!
April 2013 - How to Brush and Floss Properly
March 2013 - Anna Trebunskaya and Dr Emil Svoboda Foxtrot Rehearsal and Show Video!
February 2013 - Watch Dr. Svoboda Dance! Order Tickets Here
January 2013 - iPad Contest, Dancing with Dr. Svoboda & More!
December 2012 - Welcoming our New Orthodontist, Dr. Ziad Omar
November 2012 - The Link Between Gum Disease and Diabetes
October 2012 - Got a Sweet Tooth for Halloween?
September 2012 - The Back to School Edition
August 2012 - Is Your Smile All That It Can Be?
July 2012 - The Importance of Regular Dental Examinations
June 2012 - How to Prevent Tooth Decay!
May 2012 - New Staff, Dental Crowns & More!
April 2012 - Why Have Your Teeth Cleaned?
March 2012 - What Does Your Smile Say About You?
February 2012 - Is Nail Biting Affecting Your Smile?
January 2012 - Introducing our NEW eNewsletter and Website

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