Preventative Dentistry
It is clear from research and experience that humans need to have their teeth professionally cleaned on a regular basis to achieve optimal oral health. Over and over again I hear the comments "Well, I already clean my teeth every day".

There is definitely a problem of understanding "What it takes to keep teeth healthy as possible". I will try to help. Remember our parents and their parents and many people in the world today still lose all their teeth to the old diseases of caries (tooth rot) and gum disease (loss of gums and bone around teeth).

Yes, home care is very important for healthy teeth and gums. That means cleaning the tops and sides and between your teeth effectively. Our dentists and hygienists can help you with that. It is also necessary to eat a healthy diet that does not continually bath your teeth in sugar. It also helps if you do not smoke.

Professional cleanings are not the same as cleanings you do in the privacy of your bathroom. Professionals use special instrumentations to remove the hard calcium deposits that accumulate on and under your gums. This your gums to shrink around the teeth and form a more effective barrier against the effects of plaque. During professional cleanings, problems with the effectiveness of your home care, and early signs disease can be identified. This is the bases of cost-effective dentistry. Smaller problems are cheaper and easier to treat. Smaller treatments are also more successful. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure".

At ParkPlace Dental Centre we have set up a system whereby the dentist does a periodic thorough assessment of every patient's dental condition. Based on that assessment, and many years of experience, the dentist prescribes a treatment. When it comes to professional cleanings, the frequency, duration and intensity of these cleanings are absolutely customized for every patient. It is wise to follow the proposed plan to obtain the best results, at the lowest costs.

A healthy person with healthy teeth and gums might need 45 minutes of care every 6 to 9 months. A healthy person with some fillings between their teeth and some gingivitis should be seen every 6 months for 45 minute cleaning. The intensity of the cleaning will differ.

Now when a patient has signs of periodontal disease and /or a lot of expensive dental work, it is prudent to have teeth cleaned on a 3 or 4 month basis, usually for 45 minutes to one hour. Indeed when more serious conditions are present, it is important to have all areas of the mouth anaesthetized and intensively cleaned prior to moving back into a maintenance routine. Surgery may also be prescribed to provide better access to the tooth roots for cleaning, to change the anatomy of the gums around the teeth or to attempt new bone growth around the ailing teeth.

So you see that there is some important logic behind your dentist's recommendations. I encourage you to follow your dentist's recommendations for your best chance of a maintaining a healthy and stable dentition.

Have a nice summer.

Dr Emil Svoboda PhD, DDS.
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