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Children's Oral Hygiene!
Proper oral hygiene, even from the early stages of a child's life, helps contribute to a life time of oral health. We recommend cleaning your child’s mouth and gums twice daily (you can use a clean washcloth or specially purposed finger covering that you can buy at most pharmacies), to remove particles and bacteria as well as to create a comfort level. We recommend introducing a soft bristle toothbrush from the very first tooth.

Did you know that tooth decay is more common in children than hay fever and asthma?

Teeth generally begin to erupt at around 4 months of age and usually continue through their 3rd year. Teeth erupting can often cause discomfort making your little one quite irritable. Teething causes tender gums and can be frustrating for a young child who has few options for expressing their discomfort. While teething may be a rite of passage that we have all gone through, there is no reason not to make the process a little easier. If your little one is teething, ask us about options to soothe their gums.

Once a child starts teething, the importance of maintaining oral hygiene becomes even more essential.

Children’s Oral Hygiene requires:

  • start practicing hygiene methods early
  • teach how to brush and floss effectively as soon as they show interest and their coordination is there
  • only use a soft bristled toothbrush and a ‘pea sized’ amount of toothpaste
  • serve nutritious meals regularly
  • always supervise your child for safety
Flossing should be practiced regularly once all primary teeth have come in. Ideally, children should be flossing once a day by the time they start going to school. Flossing helps prevent cavities from forming and is a habit that should become part of a routine early in life. Ask us about proper flossing techniques. We would also be pleased to show your little one how to floss during their appointment or if you bring them in during your next visit.
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