Is Your Smile in Shape?
Looking at old photos you think to yourself, why is that tooth longer than the other ones? You're just not happy, despite that smile on your face. Your teeth are clean and healthy, yet something is odd with your smile. One of your teeth is a little... 'out of shape'!

Tooth Reshaping, or Contouring, is an on the spot cosmetic treatment available to you. Dental Reshaping is used to correct crooked, chipped, cracked or overlapping teeth in as little as one session. The procedure can be used to alter the length, shape or position of your teeth.

A few millimetres of reduction here and a few millimetres of tooth-coloured laminate there. Subtle changes can often create a beautiful smile.

Are you a candidate for tooth contouring and reshaping?
Tooth contouring does require that you have healthy teeth. Teeth become weaker as large amounts of enamel are removed, therefore tooth reshaping should be limited to minor changes. Optimal results are often achieved when combined with veneers or bonding.

How much time does tooth contouring and reshaping take?
Teeth contouring and reshaping can be completed in one to three visits often without anesthetic.

It is common for procedures such as bonding to be combined with tooth reshaping to achieve a beautiful smile. Dental reshaping and contouring may be all that is required to change your 'problem tooth' into a more pleasing shape and improve smile forever. The tooth contouring procedure is quick, comfortable, and can provide dramatic results.

On your next visit ask if reshaping and contouring is right for your smile.

This recipe was sourced from Fully Nourished by Marni Wasserman.
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