Are You Juicing?
Juicing your own fresh fruits and vegetables has gained a lot of attention, and for good reasons. Juices are delicious and carry many health benefits. While any fruits and vegetables you juice yourself will be better for you than sugary/preserved/pasteurized juices you can buy at the store, we suggest you juice organic fruits and vegetables when possible (and wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly).

We're not suggesting a 'juice diet', rather replacing an over-the-counter drink or a light meal or snack. Adding a fresh juice into your daily diet can have amazing positive effects on your well-being. A fresh juice in the morning can offer a quick healthy alternative to a traditional toast, eggs and bacon, a midday juice can give you a refreshing boost of energy, while having a nutrient filled juice for dinner can free your body up to repair itself overnight rather than digest a heavy meal.

Here are some of the many benefits of juicing:

  • It helps your body absorb the nutrients from the vegetables/fruits. Many individuals have difficulty digesting certain foods. As a result, the body does not absorb all of the nutrients that the food provides. Juicing helps to "pre-digest" the food for you.
  • Juicing helps you increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables. Many individuals do not get enough fruits and vegetables throughout the day. Juicing allows you to obtain and absorb beneficial nutrients naturally.
  • Juicing helps to broaden your intake of various fruits and vegetables. It is easy to stick to the same fruits and vegetables day in and day out. But it is important to rotate your intake of various foods to get the full spectrum of nutrients.
  • It helps to improve your health and sustain a nutritious 'raw lifestyle'. Eating a high percentage of raw fruits and vegetables contributes to high energy levels and faster recovery from illness.
  • Juicing help you to obtain beneficial enzymes important for metabolism, and provides the body with a high concentration of antioxidants and phytochemicals, helpful in combating free radicals and disease.
  • Juices are rich in vitamins and minerals and help to hydrate the body. As a 'live liquid', juices can offer greater benefits than taking synthetic supplements alone.
There are endless options when it comes to juice and you are in control. Add more of what you like and experiment, adjust, and create your ultimate juice.

This recipe was sourced from Fully Nourished by Marni Wasserman.
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