Summer Tips!
Summer is in full swing and if you have kids at home, they are more than likely getting up later in the morning. It’s easy to just give them a sugary bowl of cereal and get on with the day, but that is not doing them any favours when it comes to oral and overall health. Try to provide fresh seasonal fruit for kids and food like eggs which makes a great snack and is a good source of protein without the sugars contained in so many breakfast meals.
  1. Be careful about sugary soft drinks. Hot summer months and enticing cola commercials can cause kids to beg you for soda. Try to resist and encourage drinking ice water with a lemon slice or even an orange slice to sweeten the deal. Soda is the worst nightmare for your child's dental health. Do your best to keep it out of the house.

  2. Pack healthy snacks and drinks. If you're going to the beach or to the neighbourhood pool, make sure you have some nutritious snacks on hand. Vending machines, the ice cream man, and food trucks typically offer greasy, deep-fried foods or sugary snacks that are terrible for digestion and teeth. Bring the good stuff with you. Fresh strawberries can satisfy your sweet tooth and while there is natural sugar in those as well, you are better off with berries over a snow-cone.

  3. Brush your teeth! Summer nights may also come with later bed times. After a full day outside in the sun, make sure your family tends to their teeth before bed. Sugar can cause tooth decay so it's important for kids to brush and rinse before hitting the pillow. Practice the 3-2-1 rule:
Eat 3 healthy meals, brush 2 times, and floss 1 time every day.

Now is the time to get you and your child to the dentist for a regular check-up. It’s always good to take advantage of this time when your child won't have to miss school to get that necessary dental check-up. Click here to request an appointment.

Summer fun means lots of smiles – keep your child's smile healthy.
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