February 2013: Tips, eNews & More!
February is Heart Month!

As fate has it, Heart Month hosts Valentine's Day (February 14) and Family Day (February 18), two holidays focused on spending time with loved ones. During February, Heart Health issues will be prominent in the media. This is important to us as Heart Disease and Oral Health share many risk factors. For yourself as well as your loved ones, take some time to learn more about your heart and keeping it healthy!

Can taking care of your smile help to protect your health?
For as long as we can remember, studies have suggested a link between poor oral health (gum disease in particular) with cardiovascular issues. Experts now suggest that the link between Gum Disease and Heart Disease may be more coincidental than causal. That is not to say that there is no correlation, rather that more research needs to be completed before any definitive link can be established. Experts are sure of one thing though: good oral health is a factor in overall health and well being.

For your smile as well as your heart, we encourage you to practice good oral hygiene, maintain scheduled visits to our office and stay physically active throughout the year!

The winner of our iPad contest is...

Heather Woodason!

Thank you Heather and to everyone for filling out the survey and helping to make our practice even better! Many of your suggestions will be incorporated into our office over the New Year.

Please stay tuned for our next contest for great prizes!

Until next month, stay warm and keep smiling,

The team at Park Place Dental

Good oral health starts early. If you have children, then don't forget about our children's practice "ParkPlace Junior, General Dentists 4 Kids". Dr. Mary-Anne and Dr Kristina Lepholtz are dedicated to treating the smiles of children in a fun friendly atmosphere - in a facility designed "Only 4 Kids".

We are happy to announce that we are expanding our services to include Orthodontics 4 Kids.
Dr. Ziad Omar is an experienced orthodontist and is now taking appointments at ParkPlace Junior. You will find it convenient to have Dr. Omar assess your kids for preventative orthodontic services as well as conventional treatment modalities. Welcome Dr. Omar!

Dancing with Dr. Svoboda - Get Your Tickets Today!

Dr. Emil Svoboda is working hard in Los Angeles, California to learn and dance a Foxtrot routine with Anna Trebunskaya - the redhead from Dancing with the Stars.

Come and see them dance at the 2Some event in Mississaga on February 23, 2013. Go to 2Somedance.com for more information.

Purchase your tickets today!

Dental Bonding - Mind the Gaps!

Do gaps between your teeth make you self-conscious?
Are repeat visits to our offices unlikely to fit your schedule?

You can often eliminate embarrassing spaces without the intrusive nature of braces or other costly, time consuming procedures. Of the several procedural options available to you, one that may fit your budget, time constraints and needs is called bonding.

Bonding has become a very common procedure and can usually be completed in one, short, comfortable visit.

Click here to learn more on dental bonding!

Cozy Chai Latte

The cold outside seems to have many of us reaching for a warm drink, often several times a day. While a hot chocolate or specialty coffee may provide temporary comfort from the weather, they often offer several unneeded components as well such as excess sugars and caffeine.

Here is a suggestion for a drink you can enjoy with friends that is not only delicious but is warm and loaded with antioxidants.

Click here for the recipe!
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