March 2013: Tips, eNews & More!
After the Winter Storm of 2013, it's hard to believe that spring is just around the corner!

March 20th is the first day of spring. Certainly many around our office are anxiously awaiting the warmer temperatures. For many of you, March Break is also quickly approaching. This is a great time to come in for a cleaning or catch up on a treatment that you may have started last year.

Nutrition Month
Nutrition Month is hosted annually by the Dietitians of Canada. This year's theme is 'Best Food Forward: Plan, Shop, Cook, Enjoy!' What you eat plays an integral role in your wellbeing, and directly affects your oral health. You can visit this link for some helpful tips and tools regarding nutrition and your health, and to learn more about Nutrition Month. As always, we encourage you to learn more about your health, and remember that the kitchen is a great place to try new things.

Until next month, stay warm and keep smiling,

The team at Park Place Dental

Anna Trebunskaya and Dr Emil Svoboda Foxtrot Rehearsal and Show Video!

Click here for an article the Brampton Guardian wrote about Dr Svoboda.

Anna Trebunskaya and Dr Emil Svoboda dance the Foxtrot. This video shows both the Rehearsal in LA and the show in Mississauga at the Toronto Dances with the Stars Event 2013. Anna is a dancer from the TV show Dancing with the Stars, DWTS.

During the Rehearsal Anna challenges Dr Svoboda with a beautiful Foxtrot that she creates for the show. Then Anna and Emil dance the Foxtrot for you to enjoy! Watch the video to share Dr Svoboda's wonderful adventure with Anna and with the world of dance. It is sure to make you smile. If you are having trouble with your smile, well perhaps Dr. Svoboda can help you with that.

Nutrition and Healthy Teeth

Making good nutritional choices, especially if started at a young age, helps to maintain healthy teeth throughout your life.

Combining the right nutritional choices with proper dental maintenance helps to ensure proper oral health.

How, you ask?

The accumulation of plaque, a film of saliva, mucus, bacteria, and food residue (particularly from food that are high in sugar and starch) that builds up on the surface of teeth, can lead to decay and gum disease.

This build up is limited by consistent brushing and flossing combined with healthy food choices.

Overall, the key to healthy teeth lays in a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, limiting unhealthy snacks, proper oral care, and seeing your dentist on a regular basis.

Black Bean Salad with Fresh Mint

Legumes are plant-based foods that are packed with nutrients and can be instrumental to maintaining your overall health. They are high in protein, soluble and insoluble fibre and low in cholesterol. Legumes can be helpful in weight control, low in aid in digestion and extremely versatile, making them easy to incorporate in your diet.

This month we've included an easy-to-make salad that can be used as a satisfying lunch or great side to any dinner.

Click here for the recipe!

Good oral health starts early. If you have children, then don't forget about our children's practice "ParkPlace Junior, General Dentists 4 Kids". Dr. Mary-Anne and Dr Kristina Lepholtz are dedicated to treating the smiles of children in a fun friendly atmosphere - in a facility designed "Only 4 Kids".

We are happy to announce that we are expanding our services to include Orthodontics 4 Kids.
Dr. Ziad Omar is an experienced orthodontist and is now taking appointments at ParkPlace Junior. You will find it convenient to have Dr. Omar assess your kids for preventative orthodontic services as well as conventional treatment modalities. Welcome Dr. Omar!
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