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May 2014: Toronto West Implant Continuum Program!
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Dr. Emil Svoboda PhD, DDS is the Director of the Toronto West Implant Continuum. It is a program held at ParkPlace Dental Centre on Saturdays. The nature of this program is to give dentists an opportunity to gain experience placing dental implants under the supervision of Dr. Svoboda. He has placed and restored over 3000 dental implants. The problem is, some of the dentists are finding it difficult to find suitable patients for this learning experience.

If you wish to have implant treatment, but are having difficulty with the financial challenge presented by this excellent treatment modality, why not consider having your dental implants placed by dentists supervised by Dr. Svoboda or one of his capable faculty?

Dr. Svoboda supervising implant placement during Toronto West Implant Continuum Program.

Dr. Svoboda is offering a discount of $500 per implant plus no cost CT imaging (value $350) for those who qualify for the program. Other costs involved in treatment are at their normal reasonable levels and will be discussed prior to the beginning of treatment. Registrations are on a first come-first served basis. Please call (905) 866-6657 and ask for Akiko to register for this beneficial program. She will arrange an appointment to discuss your particular concerns.

Spring has taken hold and the great Canadian Summer is upon us. With the days getting longer, most of us are spending more time in the sun. Aside from the obvious safety tips like putting on sunscreen and drinking plenty of water, there are a lot of precautions you can take to make sure you're safe in the great outdoors:
  • Wear a helmet when you cycle
  • Make sure you wear supportive footwear when going on long walks and hikes
  • Use a good mouth guard for playing sports such as soccer and football to protect your teeth.
  • Contact our office and we can provide you with a high quality, properly fitted mouth guard.
Make your Mom smile on Mother's Day on Sunday, May 11th and enjoy the Victoria Day long weekend and holiday Monday on May 19th. We hope that you make some great plans for the moms in your life.

Enjoy the warm weather and take care of your smile!

The Team at ParkPlace Dental

How to Prevent Tooth Decay!

Tooth Decay describes the break down of strong healthy teeth over time.

Your tooth's surface is composed of a hard mineral coating called enamel. Enamel is the hardest tissue in your body, but by no means indestructible. Actually, enamel is exposed to bacteria all day which produce plaque. Plaque is the substance that covers your teeth and eats away at the enamel causing the holes known as cavities.

Brushing your teeth, flossing and regular dental visits will help keep plaque under control. Leaving plaque on your teeth leads to tartar buildup which brushing and flossing alone can not remove. Letting plaque get out of control can lead to many oral problems ranging from bad breath and cavities to gum recession Periodontal disease and tooth loss.

Click here for our tips to attack plaque!

Plant Powered Salad

Looking for a refreshing salad to keep you fueled? Opt for this salad instead of fries at your cookout and you'll be able to keep active all day long!

This recipe is easy to follow and you can be flexible with the ingredients; just use whatever beans and fresh greens you have on hand.

Each bite will provide you with a balanced dose of quality protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fat, leaving you feeling fully nourished.

Click here for the full recipe!

A lot was accomplished over March break! Dr. Mary-Anne Svoboda, Dr. Kristina Lepholtz and our Orthodontist, Dr. Ziad Omar are ready. They are ready to do what is best to help your children enjoy the benefits of good oral health. Your kids will thank you with their beautiful, healthy smiles.

Dentistry has come a long way over the last 20 years giving our kids a better chance at healthy teeth and protecting them from the pain, suffering and financial strain that is still far too common in our adult population. Serious dental problems are also far too common in nations that are not very advanced in child care. We are very lucky to be growing up in Canada!

Hope to see you soon at ParkPlace Junior, General Dentists 4 Kids.

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