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Root Canal Treatment in Brampton

Brampton Dental Office- park place dental centre family and cosmetic dentist in brampton- Root Canal Treatment

Healthy teeth are alive with blood supplied by the nerves. When your tooth is injured by a traumatic blow or by extensive decay, it can become inflamed, infected and become devitalized. If left untreated, tooth structure, along with soft tissue and jaw bone may dissolve away, creating an unhealthy, unpleasant oral state necessitating the removal of the tooth.

Root Canal Therapy is a treatment designed to remove the non-vital nerve and blood supply, clean and fill the root spaces (canals) and restore the tooth to its original shape and size. With time, a root canal treated tooth will dry out and may fracture under chewing forces. A crown is recommended to protect your tooth from fracture.

Our Brampton dentists may prescribe anti-biotics and/or anti-inflammatories to support the healing of your tooth. At Park Place Dental Centre, we employ the most up to date treatment modalities and materials for optimal success.

Our wonderful doctors and team will ensure your complete comfort and understanding throughout your treatment.

In some cases, the removal of an infected or fractured tooth is your best option. Our Brampton dentists will discuss all of your options so that you may make the decision that is right for you. Contact us today to learn more.

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