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Root Canal Therapy

Brampton Dental Office - Root Canal Therapy Teeth have a blood supply and nerves within them. When the nerves or blood supply is damaged the nerve can get inflamed and/or die. When a nerve dies, the body often reacts to the dead nerve by forming an abscess. This abscess may result in pain and swelling, or in a smouldering inflammation that causes the loss of tissues around the tooth.

Endodontic treatment (root canal therapy)

This therapy can be used as a procedure to clean out the dead or inflamed nerve and fill the root canal system with a material that allows the body to heal around the tooth. With today's advancing technologies, Root Canal Therapy has improved significantly, making both the treatment and recovery time quicker. The earlier a root canal issue is diagnosed and treated, the better the expected outcome of treatment. When there is a lot of structural damage to the tooth or when the root canal anatomy is difficult, one should consider extraction of the tooth and implant treatment. Our Brampton dentists can help you make that choice.
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