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Dental X-Rays

Dental X-Rays in Brampton X-Rays are an important part of dental diagnosis. They assist your Brampton dentists in a very big way, by showing them things they would not be able to see with their eyes. X-rays show the inside of your teeth and gums. If there are any problems brewing beneath the surface that have not created any symptoms (pain, swelling, etc), an x-ray will give the Doctor a chance to treat it before it progresses. There are several different types of x-rays that we use.

This is an x-ray of your entire mouth, showing all your teeth, gums, and surrounding structures. This is beneficial for determining proper bite alignments, and to see if there are any specific areas of concern. It is also a very useful x-ray for planning surgery and diagnosing more serious diseases of the jaws.

A periapical (PA) is an x-ray that is of one specific tooth or area. This gives the doctor a high resolution magnified view of a specific small volume of the jaw. This help in diagnosis of root canal issues, caries and other dental problems.


A Bitewing is an x-ray that shows both the top and bottom teeth of a specific area. This is a high resolution view of teeth and bones that allows for proper diagnosis of caries and periodontal disease.
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