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Complete Dentures with Dental Implants

Our Brampton Dentists are very lucky to offer dental implants that support and retain complete dentures. They offer physical connectors that hold in dentures and can resist sideways displacement. As a bonus, they also preserve remaining tissues. Dentures retained by dental implants reduce the amount of soft tissue coverage needed to hold in dentures. In the upper jaw it is often possible to uncover part of the palate. This makes dentures more natural in their feel and makes food taste better.

Detures with dental implants in BramptonSupport by dental implants also allows denture wearers to chew their food better with more natural forces levels. Lower dentures can reduce the amount of chewing force to 5% of normal chewing forces. This is a great disadvantage to the denture wearer that cannot eat and chew healthy foods properly for good digestion.

Dental implants are a great advantage to denture wearers. Indeed, with enough dental implants, dentures can often be converted to non-removable devices and/or even replaced with porcelain retained teeth. Porcelain teeth are the closest thing to real teeth!

Unfortunately, people often wait "too long" to include implants in their treatment. They wait until teeth can no longer be stabilized by suction. By this time, a lot of hard and soft tissues have already been lost. Dental implants are anchored in remaining jaw bone. Treatment is usually easier while the patient still has abundant hard tissue volumes.

Our Brampton Dental Office is lucky to have developed some good "hard and soft tissue enlargement techniques" that allow us to treat more patients that have less bone than optimal. This makes more patients eligible to experience the benefits of implant treatment.

Dr. Emil Svoboda PhD, DDS has been doing these tissue augmentation procedures for many years. Make an appointment with Dr. Emil Svoboda and see if you can benefit from treatment involving dental implants.

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